3rd Annual UWC HIV-in-Context Research Symposium

New Research in Gender, Violence and HIV


28 - 31 March 2011



This two-day symposium was designed to review and debate the state of the art in research, policy and practice to support ongoing and emerging research that makes a difference. Researchers, policy makers, activists and practitioners were invited to share emerging and ongoing research at the intersections of Gender, Violence and HIV. The symposium comprised roundtables, panels and debates which addressed the following thematic areas:

  • gender-based and sexual violence in social and societal  context
  • gendered experiences of interpersonal,  criminal, political and  structural violence, including in contexts of forced migration
  • gender(ed) inequalities in vulnerability to violence and HIV and to effective access to health, education, legal, economic and social interventions against gendered violence and HIV
  • intervention research, longitudinal research and capacity strengthening
  • primary health care and gender, violence and HIV
  • theoretical and methodological developments in  research against gendered and gender-based violence and HIV

We aimed to facilitate the active engagement of a broad range of disciplines and sectors, including health, education, legal/judicial, HIV, gender equity, human rights and social development.  Researchers whose work was not (yet) focused on HIV but could inform research and practice on gender, violence and HIV were encouraged to participate.


Post-Symposium Workshops offered opportunities and mentoring for a limited number of participants to write for publication or public engagement, strengthen research and communications skills, and develop new research ideas and collaborations.


Symposium report


How do gender (in)equality and identity link with violence and HIV infection? How does HIV research relate to research on violence and on gender? How do health systems, political, social, justice systems and institutions view and address these interconnections? Do research and interventions adequately address violence and HIV in their inter-connections or do we need new approaches, methodologies and theoretical paradigms? Is current work informed by evidence?

This year's international HIV In Context Symposium met around these questions. It was attended by 118 delegates comprising researchers, policy makers, activists, and practitioners doing work on violence, gender and HIV in South Africa and Africa. The symposium, which was held over two days, featured innovative research work in South Africa and Africa, but research from Europe was also presented focusing on what Africa can learn from other countries on sexual and gender based violence policy making

Read the full symposium report 


Symposium Steering Committee


Simukai Shamu, School of Public Health, UWC
Naeemah Abrahams, Gender and Health Unit, MRC
Joachim Jacobs, HIV&AIDS Programme, UWC
David Sanders, School of Public Health, UWC
Tammy Shefer, Women and Gender Studies, UWC
Marleen Temmerman, International Centre for Reproductive Health, Ghent University, Belgium
Christina Zarowsky, HIV&AIDS Research Centre, UWC



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