The Centre for Research in HIV and AIDS (CRHA) was created to harness and situate the diverse responses to HIV and AIDS within social and systems contexts, to join up efforts where this would optimise their value and effect. In catalyzing and co-ordinating this research and its uses, the Centre also focuses on some key areas - like health systems, education and learning systems, societal responses to gender-based violence, and capacity strengthening at community, organizational, and systems levels.

This university-wide virtual centre is currently anchored in two large grants and other projects based at the School of Public Health. The Centre was formally launched during the HIV in Context Research Symposium in late March, 2010; having been approved by the UWC Council in November 2009.

The Vision

The UWC Centre for Research in HIV and AIDS will be a world-class hub for sharing, developing and implementing engaged, policy and practice-related research that tackles HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care in a comprehensive, systemic, intersectoral and interdisciplinary perspective. The Centre will actively link to, identify and foster synergies among, and develop major new research efforts building on HIV/AIDS programming, research, teaching and capacity strengthening efforts already underway at UWC to build an African and global centre of excellence. It will actively engage communities, schools, the health system, and gender and social equity advocates in developing, conducting, sharing, and applying research and teaching. Visiting scholars, students, staff and others will visit the Centre and participate in its seminars, public events, workshops, and research projects.

The Centre builds on existing funding and thematic pillars to contribute to the vision of understanding and strengthening the “dynamics of building a better society” in relation to a critical public health and societal challenge of our time in this region, namely HIV and AIDS.

The specific objectives of the Centre are:

  • To conduct and promote multidisciplinary research in the areas of integrated HIV and AIDS prevention and care, with an initial focus on health policies   and systems, education, and gender based violence;
  • To develop sustainable HIV-related research capacity at the University, through providing a research base at the University for staff and student fellows in multidisciplinary research and capacity strengthening related to integrated HIV and AIDS prevention and care;
  • To contribute, through research, to the transformation and strengthened capacities of health and education policies and systems and of broader community and social systems to decrease the burden of HIV and related conditions, including effective responses to gender-based violence;- To harness, encourage and coordinate demonstrated multidisciplinary research potential related to HIV across the faculties of the University through seminars and workshops.

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