Training manuals, tools, questionnaires and websites -  largely produced through the multi-year CDC-funded project "Human Capacity Development to Address HIV and AIDS in South Africa" - are available here.


Presentations and academic posters linked to the projects below are listed on the page on conference presentations.


An HIV/TB educational resource for South African school learners


How to be a Health Activist: A lifeskills workbook for Grades 7 - 9 learners: Learner workbook click here to download


How to be a Health Activist: A lifeskills workbook for Grades 7 - 9 learners: Teacher's workbook click here to download


Gesondheidsaktivis: Leerders werkbook click here to download


Gesondheidsaktivis: Onderwysersgids click here to download


An interactive DVD: How to be a Health Activist: digital resource.


How to be a health activist: A website: (Contents include English version of school student educational book and digital resource.)


A tool for life - Steve Kretzmann. Mail & Guardian Education (March 2011:


Addressing TB and HIV through the development of health promoting schools


Struthers P, Rooth E, Collett K, Lawrence E, Mohamed S, Moola N, Sonn B, Wegner L. (2013). Health Promoting Schools: An action guide in the context of TB and HIV and Aids. Bellville, South Africa: University of the Western Cape.


Health Promoting Schools Monitoring Questionnaire


Resources for Schools in the Cape Metropole(Booklet with telephone numbers of support services for schools inc personnel well-being, helplines, Emergency numbers, Education, Health, Social development, Other provincial government services, Organisations providing support for specific challenges.)


Health Promoting Schools - website


2010 article in the Ravensmead local community newspaper - about the inter-school soccer organized by the three schools in the HPS project –at the time of the World Cup.


Molecular surveillance by accurate detection of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations in patients on antiviral treatment in southern Africa: An informatics approach

This CDC-funded project is part of a much larger international project which is developing a web portal which supports decisions for ART regimen switching in resource-constrained environments - where laboratory / molecular markers (such as CD4 count, viral load and resistance mutation data) are not available.  The focus of this CDC-supported component is to develop the capacity of clinicians to use the web portal for management of patients on ART.  The web portal also allows the larger project to monitor and evaluate the prevalence and spread of drug resistance mutation in the southern African population – and the combined efforts of the teams have contributed to reducing the cost of drug resistance testing from $250 to $50.  The resources emanating from the larger project include the following:


HIV & TB Drug Resistance & Clinical Management Case Book (YouTube)


Southern African Treatment and Resistance Network (SATuRN)


Rossouw T, Lessells R & De Oliveira T, South African Medical Research Council. 2013. HIV & TB Drug Resistance & Clinical Management HIV&TB Case Book


Improving quality of community health worker programmes for delivery of HIV/AIDS services


Manual for the Monitoring and Evaluation of National Ward-based PHC Outreach Teams [2012]


An audit tool to assess the implementation of CHW programmes in the country [2008]


One-day symposium: Research on Community Health Workers in South Africa. School of Public Health, UWC, 7 June 2012. Presentations

available on the website:


Training health care providers and traditional health care practitioners on collaboration for HIV and AIDS prevention and care


Training manual for Traditional Health Practitioners (in isiXhosa)


Train-the-Trainer Manual for Traditional Health Practitioners with related video material (in English)


Provide management and leadership training for new HIV programme managers and human resources managers at the provincial and district levels


Leadership and management of HIV/ AIDS in the Workplace


Leadership and management of HIV/ AIDS in the Workplace - Course reader



Integrating PMTCT


Medical Research Council and University of the Western Cape on behalf of the national Department of Health. 2010.Handbook on integrating priority PMTCT activities into maternal newborn and child health services.