HealthWise II (HW)

The HealthWise II project is a continuation and expansion of an existing collaboration between the University of the Western Cape, Penn State University and MSED partners. HealthWise I, which started in 2000, was a systematic collaborative effort to develop, implement and evaluate the HealthWise (HW) curriculum within secondary school settings. Informed by the five years of use in high schools, the revised HW II project is grounded in specific theories of intervention that allow for the modeling and understanding of specific processes associated with behavior change.  Concerned with understanding and influencing how young people engage with their social settings and how that affects risk and protective factors, the intent of the HW II curriculum is to: (1) reduce sexual risk behavior, (2) reduce drug abuse, and (3) increase positive use and experience of free and leisure time.   

The success of HealthWise I sparked the need for a second phase, HealthWise II, which will extend the HW curriculum to 56 high schools in the Western Cape.  This large scale roll-out of HW II presents a unique opportunity to better understand factors that are critical to quality implementation of similar programs in real-world/naturally occurring settings.

HealthWise II is fully funded by a NIDA grant for a period of 5 years beginning in 2010.

For more details about this project contact: Joachim Jacobs – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.