School of Public Health


Research and Projects


Producing evidence to develop policy and improve practice

Most of the research undertaken by the School of Public Health -  in which the Centre for Research in HIV and AIDS is based - is aligned to its overall orientation which  focuses on health policy and systems, social determinants of health and building a district-based public health system. It addresses four inter-related programme areas, namely HIV/AIDS and TB, maternal and child health, public health nutrition, and non- communicable diseases.

soph_cluster1.bmp Their research sites are located in rural and urban districts, sub-districts, facilities and communities of the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Staff are engaged in a range of research activities - from clinical and community trials, to the development of models for community health worker programmes and monitoring and evaluation frameworks for these programmes.

Running through these focus areas is a growing recognition of the often underestimated complexity of health systems functioning which frequently leads to a failure to translate strong policy frameworks into the design, implementation and successful management of appropriate services and programmes with the necessary supportive systems, while some projects are undertaken by staff of the School alone, many are multi-site and multi-country studies conducted in collaboration with local and international partners.


A list of the  School's current research and projects can be downloaded here



Masters theses focussing on HIV and AIDS


Over half of the  Masters in Public Health (MPH) theses completed in the past four years have addressed HIV and AIDS.

Download an information sheet listing the HIV and AIDS topics addressed by these MPH students.