The 5th Annual HIV-in-Context Research Symposium

Urbanisation, Inequality and HIV

13-15 March 2013

University of the Western Cape






Inequality and HIV: Key Concepts

Framing concepts and debates in urbanization, migration, urban health equity and HIV - Jo Vearey (African Centre for Migration and Society, Wits University) and Liz Thomas (Centre for Health Policy, Wits University and Gender and Health Unit, Medical Research Council)

Examining impacts of the built and social environment: The PURE (Prospective Urban and Rural Environments) study - Thandi Puoane and Lungisile Tsolekile (School of Public Health, UWC)

Living with HIV and dying with AIDS: Global patterns of inequality - Lesley Doyal (Health and Social Care, University of Bristol, UK)

Urbanisation, Inequality and HIV in the context of globalization

Poverty and inequality: South Africa in a globalised economy - Julian May (Institute for Social Development, UWC)

South African health and HIV budgeting and financing - Susan Cleary (Health Economics Unit, UCT)

From global policy to local implementation of MDGs: Implications for urban inequity post 2015 - Pinky Mahlangu (Medical Research Council)

Changing challenges of HIV - Vuyiseka Dubula (Treatment Action Campaign)

Persistent patterns of the past: Health, social and economic inequalities in Cape Town

Poverty and inequality in Cape Town - Brian O’Connell (Rector, UWC)

Health and inequality in Cape Town: An historical view - William Pick (UCT, Wits, US)

A re-imagined Cape Town - Josette Cole (Development Action Group)

Cape Town - A lens on the life in the city

Deindustrialisation, professionalisation and racial inequality in Cape Town, 1980-2010 - Owen Crankshaw (Dept of Sociology, UCT)

The Cape Town Equity Gauge: Rationale, methods and process - David Sanders (School of Public Health, UWC)

Intersectoral action for health and well-being in Khayelitsha: A health sector perspective - Virginia de Azevedo (Department of Health, City of Cape Town)

People’s needs and perceptions of services in the Western Cape - Nkosikhulule Nyembezi (The Black Sash)



Commission 1: People on The Move:
Ensuring continuity of care

1. Planning and responding to circular migration: Experiences from the Cape Winelands District Health Department - James Kruger (Department of Health, Provincial Government of the Western Cape)

2. Continuity of care and mobility: Experiences from MSF - Andrea Incerti, Gilles Van Cutsem, Emilie Venables (Medicins Sans Frontieres)

Commission #2: Falling between the cracks: The Challenges of Inter-Sectoral action for health

1. Geographies of care - Katharine Hall (Children’s Institute, UCT)

2. Addressing inequalities in child health: Opportunities and challenges - David Sanders (School of Public Health, UWC)

Commission #3: Urban Contexts: Spaces of Vulnerability and opportunity

1. Facilitator: Liz Thomas (Center for Health Policy, Wits University and Gender and Health Unit, Medical Research Council)
This commission takes the form of a workshop, which builds on the opening keynote address ‘Framing concepts and debates in migration, urban health equity, and HIV’.

Commission #4: Dignified Urban Settlements: What are they and how do we get there

1. Re-imagining Mitchells Plain through community-based planning - Najwa Gallant (Tafelsig People’s Association)